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July 05, 2010

Recoil.557 suppliers of rubber gear.

Gear for blokes and lads intio rubber, from our stretchy Bollock Jocks, to Skinhead Jeans and tight cut, pull-on Rough Chaps to full coverage in our made to measure only thick 0.65mm Full Body Suits.

To order email with details of what gear you are after, remembering sizes, colours and inside leg if ordering Jeans, Chaps etc. Please include your address and phone number. Payment is usually bank transfer.

You are welcome to call or email if you have any questions or to arrange to meet to sorting sizing, for all made to measure or custom gear and always for Full Body Suits. Please say where based for so can arrange meeting more easily.


Size 1 Small Waist 28-30" Chest 37-39"
Size 2 Medium Waist 30-32" Chest 40-42"
Size 3 Large Waist 32-34" Chest 42-44"
Size 4 Extra Large Waist 34-36" Chest 44-46"

If you fit denim jeans in a 32" waist then our sizing is pretty bang on and you should get a great fit in Chaps and Skinhead Jeans size 32" waist.

Phone +44 (0) 7949 111750

Email Recoil.557

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Price list

Jocks - get your dick sweaty and show your arse off.
Small Packet Jock 0.33mm Transparent £25
Small Packet Jock 0.45mm £25
Bollock Jock 0.33mm Transparent £25
Bollock Jock 0.45mm £28
Bollock Jock 0.55mm £33
Bollock Jock 0.65mm £38

Shorts - 0.33mm simple and rubbery.
Pouch Shorts 2” leg 0.33mm £28
Fuck Shorts 0.33mm £30
Fisting Shorts 0.33mm £33
Pouch Shorts Skimpy, very low cut 0.33mm £26
Pouch Shorts 8” leg 0.33mm £30

Shorts - 0.45mm strong and stretchy.
Dickhole Fuck Shorts 0.45mm £45
Pissy Chaps Shorts 0.45mm £45
Fisting Chaps Shorts 0.45mm £45
Fuck Shorts 0.45mm £40
Pouch Shorts 8” leg 0.45mm £40
Fuck Shorts 17/20 Front Zip 0.45mm £70

Double Skinned and Pissy Dick Gear - your dick encased in rubber.
Double Skinned Shorts 0.33mm £45
Double Skinned Fuck Shorts 0.33mm £50
Double Skinned Shorts with Front Zip 0.45mm £95
Pissy Dick Shorts, with bigger pouch and inner double skin 0.45mm £85
Piss Drainer Shorts, with bigger pouch and inner double skin and 60” piss tube 0.45mm £100

Shorts - Dick hanging.
Dickhole Shorts 0.45mm £40
Dickhole Fuck Shorts 0.45mm £45
Dickhole Shorts 0.55mm £45
Dickhole Fuck Shorts 0.45mm £50

Leggings - 0.45mm tight and rubbery, great with waders.
Pouch Leggings 0.45mm £90
Dickhole Leggings 0.45mm £90
Chaps Leggings 0.45mm £100
Chaps Leggings, with Y-back straps 0.45mm £130

Shorts - Heavy duty 0.65mm
Shorts with Dick to Arse Zip, 4” leg 0.65mm £65
Rough Chaps Shorts 0.65mm £100
Codpiece Shorts 0.65mm £85
Codpiece Shorts with Arse Zip 0.65mm £100

T’s, Vests - 0.33mm
Y-Back Vest 0.33mm £40
Low-cut Vest 0.33mm £40
Sleeveless T 0.33mm £40
Sleeveless T Printed 'RECOIL.557 Dirty Rubber Bastards' 0.33mm £45
Sleeveless T Printed 'FIST' 0.33mm £45

T’s, Vests - 0.45mm
Y-Back Vest 0.45mm £45
Low-cut Vest 0.45mm £45
Sleeveless T 0.45mm £45

T’s and Jackets - 0.65mm
Heavy Sleeveless T 0.55mm £55
Heavy Sleeveless T 0.65mm £60
Sleeveless T with Front Zip 0.65mm £90
Jean Jacket Cut Off 0.65mm £275

Vest Topped Suits - 0.45mm
Y-Back Chaps Suit 0.45mm £90
Y-Back Chaps Suit with rear stripe 0.45mm £95
Y-Back Chap Suit with long leg 0.45mm £130

Pig Suits - 0.65mm
Pig Suit, Collar, Shorts Sleeve, 8” leg, Neck to Dick Zip 3 pulls 0.65mm £190
Pig Suit, Collar, Shorts Sleeve, 8” leg, Neck to Dick Zip 3 pulls, with side stripes 0.65mm £220

Jeans and Chaps - 0.65mm
Skinhead Jeans Dick Zip 0.65mm £130
Skinhead Jeans Dick to Arse Zip 0.65mm £150
Skinhead Jeans with Codpiece 0.65mm £150
Skinhead Jeans with Codpiece, Arse Zip 0.65mm £190
Rough Chaps, Pull-on 0.65mm £130
Rough Chaps, Pull-on 0.65mm all brown £150
Rough Chaps, Pull-on with stripes 0.65mm £150
Zip Chaps, outside leg zips 0.65mm £180
Zip Chaps, outside leg zip, side stripes 0.65mm £200
Worker Jeans with Braces 0.65mm £225
Worker Jeans with Braces, Arse zip 0.65mm £260

Full Body Suits - total thick coverage.
Full Body Suit 0.65mm neck to arse zip, three sliders £390
Full Body Suit 0.65mm shoulder zip, dick to arse zip with two sliders £410
Full Body Suit 0.65mm shoulder zip, cod piece and arse zip £430

Extra for brown or trans with colour matched YKK zips £40
Attached hand made feet 0.45mm on FBS £60
Nipple zips £40
FBS are only made to measure and its included in the price shown.

Aprons - 0.92mm Thickest grade heavy duty rubber.
Classic Long Apron, with nickel plated buckle 2” 0.92mm £120
Waiters Apron, rectangular apron worn on the waist 0.92mm £95

Hoods - 0.45mm
Pull-on Hood, Pin Prick Eyes, Nose Holes, Open Mouth 0.45mm £80
Pull-on Hood, Open Eyes, Nose Holes, Open Mouth 0.45mm £80
Inflatable with gag and tube 0.45mm £120
Inflatable with tube (in mouth to outside) 0.45mm £120
Inflatable with open mouth 0.45mm £120

Hoods sizes: Small / Medium / Large
Brown / Transparent / Black

Sheeting - to fuck on or encase in.
Rubber Sheeting 2m x 2.5m 0.65mm £180 + £10 postage supplement
Rubber Sheeting 2m x 2.5m 0.45mm £130 + £10 postage supplement
UK Pillow Cases 50cm x 70 cm 0.45mm £55
UK Pillow Cases 50cm x 70 cm 0.45mm x2 £100
Euro Pillow Cases 66cm x 66 cm 0.45mm £75
Euro Pillow Cases 66cm x 66 cm 0.45mm x2 £135

Extra charge on thick 0.65mm for brown or trans + £15 on Chaps / Jeans / Pig Suit + £30 on FBS.

E&OE All prices subject to change, particularly if base rubber prices increase.

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